Super Entrepreneurship Team (Bright Startups Global Limited Time Discount)
Bright Startups Global Commercial Center and Accelerator owns every resources new-creation team needs, we let you startup like a pro!

Bright Startups Global Commercial Center and accelerator offer besides customer’s registration address and co-sharing spaces and solve customer’s initial site and address set up problem, even aim at high quality customers and offer assistance in fund investing, meanwhile we also can offer problem awareness and other law suggestions according to some law problems which other self-tutored teams had encountered; On financing, we have senior financing consultant offer varieties of professional, taxation assistance.

In addition, we can use the least cost to build the most optimal system needs for new-creation companies with limited resources, with the start in selling service right away, it can create revenue and expand potential customer’s engagement rate and then promote the success rate in entrepreneurship.

Focus Service Items

1. Company Set Up and Tax Statements Registration
2. Suggestion and Analysis, Contract Overview According to New-Creation Law Problem
3. New-Creation Company Accounting Service
4. Information System Development

(Official website front end UX design, back end system build and LINE official account develop related system, let users can enjoy your service in LINE, expand engagement rate, transfer rate.)

Still thinking about startup? Having brilliant idea but couldn’t build a internet platform? Still worrying about complicated regulations and finance planning? Bright Startups startup set contains complete commercial service, strong and solid professional team, let you make every effort to success in the sprint without worries and lay the solidest foundation.

Bright Startups Startup Set, Special Price NT$ 9.9 Million Dollars, Let You Bring Your Dreams Into Reality and Become Rich and Long!