Normal Civil and Criminal Actions

Criminal Actions:
Major Criminal Cases, Financial Crime Cases, Normal Criminal Cases

Civil Actions: Normal Civil Cases, Enforcement Cases, Real Estate(House, Land) Dispute Cases, Indemnity Cases, Family Litigation Cases, Labor Dispute, Occupational Disaster Cases, Engineering Cases, Medical Cases

Management Rights Planning and Dispute Resolution

Company Equity Dispute, Shareholders and Board of Directors meetings Resolution Dispute, Statue Doubt, Disband and Liquidation Cases, M&A Risk Assessment and Architecture Planning, Draw Up Company Franchise Strategy, Corporate Arrangement and Reorganization, Stock Listing

Domestic and Overseas Company Registration

Domestic and Overseas Company Registration, Third Place Reinvest Company Establishment, Factory Registration, Trademark Registration, Accounting and Tax Return, Labor Relations

Start-up Company Term sheet Review

Company Architecture Planning, Book Review Procedure Assistance, Company Registration Service

Professional Law Consultant

According to Customers and Enterprise’s needs, provide law assistance. Select and review all kinds of contracts, letters and documents. Represent customers and enterprise to publish relative law documents. Represent customers and enterprise to consult or present relative meetings. Other law and administrative affairs assistance.

Intellectual Property Rights Service

Trade Mark and Patent Legislation, Deal With Trade Mark, Patent and Copyright Infringement, Relatively Business Secrets Protection.

Taxation Planning and Dispute Resolution

Taxation Consultation, Taxation Dispute, Heritage Planning and Consultation, Outsider Investment Architecture and Relatively Land Taxation Planning, International Investment Architecture and Relatively Land Taxation Planning

Overseas Real Estate Dispute Resolution

Contract Reviewing, Go to enterprise manager location country to offer appealing assistance, Overseas Law Affairs Resolution

Securities and Futures Dispute Resolution

Securities and Futures Products Dispute, Marketable Securities Transaction Dispute

Derivative Financial Products Dispute Resolution

Bank Credit, Trust, Wealth Management and other Derivative Financial Products, Insurance Derivative Financial Products